I’m a reliable product designer and front-end developer.

I believe design is about taking the complex and chaotic and making it accessible to people, responsive, and as fast as possible.

My goal is to create work that’s cool enough to show my friends and honest enough to show my parents .


I work at Dialpad where I build internet phone and video tools, contribute to our design system, and help shape the company’s remote working culture.

What I do at Dialpad

Before that

I worked at Stack Overflow, creating better workflows for over 50 million developers. I’m particularly proud of the community health dashboard and Stack Overflow’s email design system.

What I did at Stack Overflow

And before that

I worked at Canfield Scientific, designing products to help doctors run their practice and clinicians run their studies. I’m particularly proud of the clinical services app I worked on.

What I did at Canfield Scientific

I enjoy writing about things I learn, speaking occasionally, and maintaining Cerberus (open source).

When not in front of a screen I like to exercise, snowboard, both watch and play hockey and soccer, work on my house, and explore New Jersey with my wife and kids.

Ted Goas portrait