Ted Goas

A few things that helped shape who I am today.

Baby Ted

I was born on my mother’s 30th birthday. What are the odds?

Playing Soccer

Growing up, my parents involved me in a lot of organized sports. I played a little of everything, but got a heavy dose of soccer and hockey.

Street Fighter 2

Early 90’s rock. NY Rangers win The Stanley Cup. Street Fighter II. The early 90’s were my favorite moment in pop culture.

Marist College

I attended Marist College in NY. I began in Computer Science, but after a year of software programming I changed majors to graphics and design. I graduated in four years despite the switch.

CSS Zen Garden

I discovered CSS Zen Garden and taught myself advanced CSS. I started working more off hours and my job started to become a hobby.

Sara and Ted

I met a girl. One that makes me a better person and whom I consider my intellectual superior. Sara and I began dating.

Sedona Arizona

Sara and I moved to Arizona and earned post-grad degrees. I (finally) learned to question tradition and everything in my life started falling into place.

Email Code

I continued to grow as a designer / developer hybrid, but also got pretty good at designing and coding HTML emails. I also began tinkering with website performance.

Sara and Ted wedding

After three years in Arizona, Sara and I moved back to New Jersey, bought a house, and tied the knot. My best friend is now my partner for life.

Canfield Scientific

I landed a job as a designer at Canfield Scientific, a biotechnology & pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. I spent my days building web products in an industry that sorely needs thoughtful design.

Our first child

Our first child, Sebastian, arrives! We’re still getting the hang of the whole parenting thing…

Email Design Conference

I wrote more, tweeted less, did a bit of open source, and got a little professional speaking experience (other than meet ups).

My young family

Wren, our second child, arrives just before year's end. We’re still getting the hang of the whole parenting thing…

Stack Overflow

I joined Stack Overflow's design team, where I work on products that help millions of developers worldwide.